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 GUX Nuuks Forårsshow 2015
Spændende studietur til Island

Til alle elever, men først og fremmest 2. g’ere

Skulle du være interesseret i en 10 dages studietur til universitetet i Akureyri i august læs da nedenstående. Personlig ansøgning (på engelsk - letter of intention) samt anbefaling fra mindst én lærer afleveres til GUXs kontor eller til studievejleder Olav Henriksen, som også vil være behjælpelig med udformningen af ansøgningen, senest mandag den 11. maj kl 24.

In association with the board of Akureyri Commune, the College of Akureyri, Air Iceland, Arctic Services, SATA and the Akureyri/Eyjafjördur chapter of Rotary Club International, The Polar Law Institute of the University of Akureyri is inviting three (2nd-year) students enrolled at GU-Nuuk (exceptionally applications from 1st and 3rd year students may beconsidered), to take part in a selection and be chosen for a 10-day study trip with travel and accommodation paid, to Akureyri and Northern Iceland, between August 11th and August the 24th this summer (2015).

Amongst various other activities, the students will join and take part in the first inaugural stages of taught masters courses in West-Nordic studies being set up to be run by the Polar Law Institute this coming winter - http://westnordicstudies.net/ The West-Nordic (Taught) Masters Program is set up as a joint collaborative project between Akureyri University, Ilisimatusarfik of Nuuk, Fróðskaparsetur Føroya i Thórshavn, the University of Nordland in Bodø, and the University of Iceland in Reykjavík.

As well as taking part in various events and occasions in Akureyri during their visit, the students will be acquainted further with and informed of every-day study life, work- and living conditions in Akureyri proper and its surrounding areas. Important parts of the criteria set for the evaluation of students, their eligibility and final cut for the selection of students chosen to take part in the study trip, are references from their teachers, as well as their own introduction and letter of intention, to be included with and form an integral part of their submission.

Apart from the introduction of one self, the introduction, as a letter of intention, will include and lend support to the student's desire for and/or intentions towards this trip, i.e. why he wants to visit Akureyri and Northern Iceland, and what he expects to gain, study wise, from taking part in this venture. Decent knowledge in and fair understanding of English as spoken and written language is an essential requirement for making the cut towards the final selection. The deadline for applications has been set at 24:00, May 11, 2015, with the interviews set to be conducted on May 18.

After the deadline has passed, the submissions will be gathered together and evaluated on their merits, afterwards which all supplicants will receive a written answer. Those deemed as to be admissible will be contacted for a further interview with the board of selectors. The interviews will take place in Islands general konsulat at Hans Egedesvej 9 in Nuuk. The study trip is organized by the Icelandic hosts, and travel and accommodation is provided and payed for, as well as the occasional fee related to activities during the students' stay in Iceland.

Form of application:

I (STUDENT´S NAME) hereby apply for a student visit to Akureyri, Iceland/Island in August 2015. Attached to my application is a letter of intention and a letter of support from one of my teachers at GU-Nuuk.

Board of selectors:

Pétur Ásgeirsson, Consul General for Iceland, Nuuk; Mikael Ettrup-Enggaard, rektor, GU-Nuuk; Jórunn María Magnúsdóttir, Ilisimatusarfik; Olav Henrikssen, teacher, GU-Nuuk; Mininnguaq Kleist.


 Studieretninger 2015